Dros y Tonnau/Over the Waves records some of the rich maritime heritage of communities in Cardigan and the Lower Teifi Valley. Coastal and riverside communities in and around Cardigan have taken part in activities to gather facts, photographs and documents to tell their stories and create an information resource within their own villages and on this website.

Shipbuilding, fishing, emigration and trade were all significant activities connected with the river and sea and they provided livelihood, food and leisure, fulfilling many of the needs of the local population. But now this has almost gone from living memory and the remaining built heritage serves other purposes.

Cardigan saw an increase in emigration during the 19th Century. Ships sailed from the quaysides to North America, Canada and beyond carrying passengers who went on to found ex-patriate communities that are still celebrating their Welsh roots today. Descendants of these pioneers around the world are invited to contact us and contribute their stories.

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